To work in a challenging, creative environment and explore different automation tools that provides me ample opportunities and aids me in professional development, where I can apply the technological skills and knowledge that I have acquired and upgrade my skills constantly.



§  Experience in Information Technology industry with specialized experience on Kofax suite of products (KC, KTM and KTA) and UiPath.

§  Experience in design, development, testing and deployment using Kofax Enterprise platform and UiPath.

§  Experience as Shared Business Analyst for onsite projects.

§  Experience in working with Product Owner in understanding the business requirements.

§  Experience in delivering product demo, POC and custom POC.

§  Conducting review meetings and product backlog meetings.

§  Excellent analytical, organizational, interpersonal and communication skills.

§  Hand-on Experience in Programming with C#, .Net, VB.Net.

§  Experience in configuring data migrations on SQL DB and Excel using UiPath.

§  Experience in the configuration of Workflow based on the As-Is.

§  Experience in the configuration of data extraction using OCR and OMR.

§  Worked on KTA to build process, business rules (using .Net and Script nodes), validation rules, formatters and forms.

§  Worked on Kofax Transformation Designer to separate and classify documents (based on layout, instructions and scripting) and extract data from Bank and Trade related documents.



§  Worked as Technical Services Specialist at Leozues Dinesmart Technologies Pvt. Ltd from August 2016 to July 2019.

§  Working as System Analyst at Dinesmart Hospitality Services Pvt. Ltd from July 2019 till date.



Languages:                         C#, VB .Net, WinWrap

Kofax Products:                Kofax TotalAgility, Kofax Capture & Kofax Transformation & UiPath.

Database:                           SQL Server 2010/12/16

Tools:                                    MS Office, Visual Studio

Core Skills:                         Workflow design, Bots Design, Business rules for validations and formatting, UI designing, OCR, OMR configurations, Classification, Data Extraction using locators and evaluators.




§  Bachelors of Engineering in Electronics and Communications from GITAM University, Hyderabad in the year 2015.



Project #01

Project Name:   Trade Finance

Location:             Onsite – Thailand

Role:                     Assistant BA/ Automation developer

Environment:    KTA 7.7, UiPath and SQL Server

Description:       Project deals with documents relating to the trade involving import and export. Customized eForm to be provided for respective group of employees to enter data and assign jobs to respective employees. The documents need to be classified and then the required data is to be extracted. The data between different documents is to be compared for any discrepancies. The corrected data is to be exported to database and in text format and Robot is to be triggered for further processing. Then second set of documents are uploaded into the process for further classification, extraction, discrepancy check and export.


·         Workshops with business users for requirement gathering.

·         Drafting Functional Specification Document.

·         Delivering weekly demo and POC for the client.

·         Providing Demo for user for performing UAT and supporting UAT.

·         Designing workflow based on the As-Is.

·         Designing workflow to take different flow based on user inputs from the User activity UI.

·         Designing robot for data migration between SQL and Excel.

·         Using Web services and .Net activities to perform activities at document level.

·         Export data to SQL database and Text using KEC.

·         Building business rules to check discrepancies between.

·         Building Business Rule to check if mandatory documents are present in a document set during Document Review activity.

·         Customizing forms to provide actions which enable retrieving the data from reference document.

·         Customizing forms to provide sectional view of the data.

·         Hiding data from the UI using form actions based on the data from user.


Project #02

Project Name:   Invoice Processing USA

Location:             Onsite – India

Role:                     Technical Services Specialist / Kofax Total Agility Developer

Environment:    KTA 7.5

Description:       The project deals with multiple Invoices which need to undergo a flow based on the organizations already established model. The Invoices need to undergo identification and then need to trigger mails to the users. Wait until the user responds and then continue with the flow based on the inputs. These Invoices are to be classified and extracted. The extracted data needs to be formatted and rules to be applied. The final data is to be exported to SQL DB.



·         Attending workshops to understand the business requirement and suggest a solution.

·         Designing workflow based on the As-Is.

·         Delivering weekly demos and POC’s.

·         Supporting users for UAT.

·         Coordinating with Business users and the developers for fixing bugs.

·         Business rule to merge the separated documents.

·         Building of formatters using C# in script node.

·         Building business rules to perform validation rules.


Project #03

Project Name:   E-Contracting USA

Location:             Onsite – India

Role:                     Kofax Developer

Environment:    KTA 7.5

Description:       Project requires to classify 50 contracts and extract the data from the documents. Instructions and script based classification was done. Keyword, coordinates and script was used for data extraction. The extracted data is exported using Kofax text export connector. Process needed was entirely automated and hence user activities like document review and validation were to be skipped. Thus, the classification and extraction need to be configured to attain the maximum efficiency which required a combination of coordinates, keywords, evaluators and script using winwrap in transformation designer to attain the best of the locators used.


·         Design workflow to add page numbers into 50 documents by looping and using .Net activity.

·         Classifying contracts of 50 different document types.

·         Instruction and script based classification.

·         Standard separation to separate and classify different contracts attached in a single document.

·         Analysis of the documents and requirement gathering for different document types.

·         Training for extraction of 50 document types.

·         Keyword, coordinates and script to extract contracts.

·         Exporting the data using text export connector.

·         Conducting review meetings and analysis along with the business team.

·         Providing demo to the user for performing UAT and support users for UAT.



I, hereby declare that the information furnished above is true to the best of my knowledge.

Date:                                                                                                                                      (S Vishnu Vardhan)

Place : Hyderabad, India.


Dinesmart Hospitality Services Pvt. Ltd

July 2019 till date System Analyst

Leozues Dinesmart Technologies Pvt. Ltd

Aug 2016 to July 2019 Technical Services Specialist