06/2018 – 10/2020,                                                                                            BANGLORE, INDIA

  • Centum is a leading Electronic Manufacturing company which includes Designing, Development and Manufacturing Services. Centum Electronics Ltd, is a leading Indian company offering the state of art solution for Hybrid Micro Circuits (HMC)
  • ,Frequency Controlled Products (FCP) , Electronic Manufacturing Services (EMS). Tasks
  • Space Grade Hybrid Micro Circuits, DC/DC Converter & Modules
  • inspection and testing for various customers like ISRO-ISAC, SAC, BDL, IISU, RCI and Defense.
  • Visual and Electrical inspection of incoming and outgoing products.& Visual inspection of the HMC devices
  • Hands on Experience with Production team & knowledge in Electrical testing.
  • Creating PCB Schematic, Layout, Gerber file generation using Proteus for various test jigs.
  • Involvement in failure analysis and implementation of corrective action and preventive actions in regular process.
  • Knowledge of CRO, Power supply, Function Generator, DC Source and Digital Multi meter operation.
  • Working experience of Screening process flow which includes Visual inspection, Functional testing, Environmental testing (stabilization baking, Temperature cycling, Burn- in/ Active temperature cycling), Mechanical testing (Vibration test, PIND test).
  • –       Internal NC management like tracking the open NC’s and maintaining the NC’s records.
  • –       Updating of 5S Audit report & Kaizen corner.
    Good communication and networking skills.
    Working well in a team environment, as well as independently.
    The ability to work under pressure and multi-task.
    The talent to follow instructions and provide high-quality outcomes.
    Knowledgeable of quality control standard.
    Accuracy and attention to details.
    Well communication with other departments for fast movement of work.
    Problem solving skill and man power control.
    Excellent Leadership and team building skills.TECHNICAL SKILLS
    Microsoft Word, Excel, PowerPoint, Spreadsheet.
  •    Handled Dos, Windows Xp, Windows 8,     Windows 10, Software installation and troubleshooting.
  • Awareness of Handling the ESD sensitive Components.
  •   Basic knowledge on VB,C ,C++, programming.
  •   Knowledge on Computer  Networking.
  •   Knowledge on metrology, and measuring         instrument like vernier caliper, Micrometer and other gauges
  • Creating circuit diagram and schematic in Proteus.
  • Understanding electronic schematic diagrams.
  •   Repairing, Wiring, Assembling.
  • Pneumatics and Electro pneumatics.
  • Basic knowledge in PLC.
  • Knowledge on ISO,OHSAS 19001 standards
  •   Microcontroller & Microprocessor
  • Pro-E, AutoCAD
  • Embedded System
    RISAT forward dc-dc converter for SAC
  • Semi Automation HPM
  • 402MP fly-back dc-dc converter for isac
  • Receiver and E.D.U testing for B.D.l
  • C-Band dc-dc converter for SAC.


Nettur technical training foundation

06/2015 - 06/2018 Diploma in Mechatronics


05/2013 - 05/2015 COMMERCE


Centum Electronics Ltd

06/2018 - 10/2020 Technician