Exchange Teller
Dubai, United Arab Emirates
Professional Summary
Exchange teller with 7 years of expertise in processing multi-purposed financial transactions, possessing an invaluable work stress tolerance, and, advanced communication skills that maximized efficiency of business operations, profitability and scalability.
Employment History
Foreign Exchange Teller at Masreya Exchange, Cairo, Egypt, 10/2017 – 12/2021
 Carried out exchange services characterized with agility of cash handling and data entry that skyrocketed counter daily sales.
 Processed an average $18000 worth of daily diversified monetary transactions, maintained clients data and accounts to an extreme confidentiality, and, kept balancing record with 100% accuracy.
 Initiated positive interaction with customers, assessed their needs ,and, addressed inquiries about products and services resulted into earned customer loyalty and trustworthiness.
 Capitalized on business quality-based services & asked customers for after-sale recommendations to relatives, acquaintances and encounters as a proven on-the-go marketing strategy that increased business trajectory of getting more deals of existing & strongly new potential customers.
Cashier at Carrefour, Alexandria, Egypt 6/2014 – 9/2017
 Executed countless daily billing services & reported counter revenue to mall’s internal auditor.
 Ensured daily availability and operational effectiveness of different payment systems which saved valuable time and achieved customer satisfaction.
 Exceeded, consistently, monthly sales targets by 240%.
Skills & Qualifications
Bilingual in English/Arabic, Proficient in Exchanging World Major Currencies & Cash Handling, Exceptional Expertise in Selling Financial Products and Services, Fintech & Exchange Software operational skills , Statistical & Data Analysis , Sales Processes and Operations, CRM, Time Management, Events Management, Account Management, Project Management, Critical Thinking , Strategic Networking, Decision- making Techniques, Reporting, Advanced Negotiations, Spotting Trends.
Workshops & Training Courses
 Finance and Banking
 Microeconomics
 Sales Management
 Macroeconomics
All are obtained at American Cairo Center (ACC), USA Embassy, Cairo, Egypt.
English, Arabic & Deutsch
 Microsoft Office, 2014
 Information and Communication Technology (ICT), 2014
 Training Program in Developing Human Resources, 2015
 Bachelor’s Philosophical & Religious Studies, 2014
 Special Diploma in Education Technology, 2016