Name       : Nokulunga Mhlanga
Date of Birth : 02 October 1984
Gender  : Female
Marital Status : Single
Passport Number : DN578034
Nationality  : Zimbabwean
Languages : English and Ndebele
Contact number : +971528110750
Email address :

I am a very hard working and sociable person. I continually strive for excellence in everything I do and take keen interest in learning new things. I have a set of principles to live by and I tolerate other people’s views and opinions.
B.Tech (Honors) Degree in Food Science
Awarding Institution: Chinhoyi University Of Technology (From 2004 – 2008)

1. Advanced Level Certificate (2002-2003)
2. Ordinary Level Certificate (1998-2001)

Company Name              : Cater Catering Services LLC (Dubai)
Position Held                : Food Safety & Hygiene Manager (current)

Duties and Responsibilities

Ensuring food safety, hygiene and sanitation SOP’s at all production areas, dishwashing utilities, receiving and storage areas.
Daily checking and recording of food temperature and storage facilities.
Daily entering HACCP required information on DM Food Watch platform.
Attending food safety and quality control related meetings with clients like Movenpick, Swissotel, Etisalat and Standard Chartered Bank.
Conducting internal staff training for basic food safety and personal hygiene.
Dealing with Dubai Municipality Food Safety Inspectors during inspections. Doing investigations and making all corrective and preventive action reports.
Handling inspections for fifteen cafeterias which include hotel canteens for our hotel clients.
Applying and updating Food Permits for the company.
Arranging pest control services for main kitchen and company’s different locations.
Solving customer complaints and problems relating to food safety and quality.
Conducting internal audit.
Working closely with the Chefs to make sure production and expiry dates are always mentioned in food and that all food safety rules are followed throughout food preparation and storage.
Ensuring that the suppliers are complying with the EHS and HACCP local standards through audits and communication.
Monitoring/identifying any relevant changes in the EHS/ HACCP local regulations and laws and updating the internal procedures, policies and forms accordingly.
Implementation of the preventive and corrective maintenance for food equipment like chillers, freezers and ovens.

Company Name            : Emirates Flight Catering – EKFC1
Position Held              : Food Safety Officer (24.02.2013 – 03.09.2015)

Duties and responsibilities
Verification and monitoring of the temperature of food at all Critical Control Points such as ; receiving the raw food from supplier, cooking, chilling, dishing, tray setting processes up to dispatching of the food to the aircraft. Recording and documenting the results (Time and temperature of the food).
Making sure that the Hazard Analysis Critical Control Point (HACCP) system is being followed.
Checking for any expired food items or improper day code stickers.
Reporting any food safety violations noted.
Checking the food for any foreign object, taking proper corrective action and reporting to the Executive Chef any non-compliance noted in his section.
Checking the Personal hygiene of all food handlers.
Doing checks of the dish washer machines to ensure that they are working properly and documenting all the results and reporting any deviations noted.
Working closely with the pest control and the cleaning departments.
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