• Completed full time courses in MHA, PGDEMS and BHMS graduate with excellent
track record in academics with distinction seeking for a career in hospital administration
preferably as a quality executive.
• More than 6 years of experience in patient management, minor surgeries and
management of emergency cases in the ER
• Extensive experience in clinical management and teaching
• Experience in obtaining the pre-authorization for insurance patients and responding to
queries of the medical insurance companies
• Recipient of “ Employee of the year” award at Sterling Multispecialty Hospital, Pune,
and STAR DOCTOR at Fortis Hospitals, Rajajinagar, Bangalore
• Guinness world record recipient to set a world record of “World’s longest singing
marathon by multiple singers” in 2008
• Handled projects on salivary hemagglutinins and Artificial Intelligence in healthcare
• Trained in NABH 5th edition.
• Actively conducted medical audits, prescription audits, IPSG audits as a part of my
internship at People Tree Hospitals, Yeshwanthpur, Bangalore.
• Also taken an active role in the Safety Audit and Internal Audits of the People Tree
hospital in preparation for 5th edition of NABH.
• Masters in Hospital Management (MHA) (2019 – 2021)
Father Muller College of Allied Health Sciences, Mangaluru, India
• Post Graduate Diploma in Emergency Medical Services (PGDEMS) (2015)
Symbiosis Institute of Health Science, Pune, India
• Bachelor of Homoeopathic Medicine and Surgery (BHMS) (2009-2014)
Father Muller Homoeopathic Medical College, Mangaluru, India
Professional Experience
Oct 2021- Dec 2021
Intern, Quality Department, People Tree Hospitals, Bangalore, India
• Observed the existing operations in the department and wrote
chapters to revise the existing manual.
• Conducted medical audits, prescription audits, IPSG audits
• Prepared presentations of the analyzed audits and CAPA measures taken for the same
• Took an active role in the Safety Audit and Internal Audits of the hospital in preparation for 5th edition of NABH
• Undertook training to the employees with respect to the hospital policies.
• Taught the newly joined junior interns on the various aspects of quality and those related to the hospital.
• Assisted interns in conducting studies and analyzing data to present it to the management in bringing about operational changes in the hospital

Sep 2019- Jan 2022
Masters in Hospital Administration, Father Muller College of Allied Health Sciences, Mangaluru, India
• In-depth knowledge and expertise in clinical and non-clinical services, epidemiology and public health, management and organizational behavior, statistics, research methodology and operations research, managerial economics, basic accountancy, hospital planning, marketing management, legal aspects and ethics in healthcare, quality management, and human resource management.
• Visited various hospital departments to gain a better understanding of process, procedures, facilities, operations and requirements
• Identified the departments’ concerns/issues and attempting to address them
• Mastered usage of quality tools such as fish bone, cause and effect diagram, check sheet, control chart and histogram
• Visited other institutions for observing and studying the workings of various departments.

May 2017-Oct 2018
RMO, Fortis International Hospital, Rajajinagar, Bangalore, India
• Provided routine out-patient care, attended and managed medical emergencies independently.
• Performed minor surgical procedures in case of CLW by suturing, in tension pneumothorax, ascitic tapping in gross ascites and accident related conditions.
• Diagnosed and managed medical emergencies like myocardial infarctions, heart failures, hypotension and hypertension emergencies, respiratory failures, strokes, etc.
• Handled several MLC cases.
• Obtaining patient pre-approvals for planned admissions and completing the pre-authorization form for admitted patients’ medical insurance claims.
• Responded to insurance company queries and ensured that the concerns were promptly addressed.
• Conducted more than 20 health check-ups and health camps.
• Implemented instructions provided by consultants to ensure proper patient care.
• Integral part of the Fortis management team that was working towards NABH accreditation.
• Worked with the Medical Superintendent in drafting the doctor’s duty roster to ensure the hospital’s seamless operation.

Jan 2017- Mar 2017
ICU resident, Sri. Krishna Hospital, Bangalore, India
• Attended mass causality of BMTC bus accident, multiple RTA, managed patients of stroke, uncontrolled DM, hypertension.

Sep 2015- Dec 2016
RMO at ICU and Wards, Sterling Multispecialty Hospital, Pune, India
• Took rounds (checking vitals and progress of the patient), updated and carefully followed the instructions given by the consultants and prepared the pre-operative patients.
• Performed procedures such as Foley’s catheterization, Ascitic tapping, Lumbar puncture, major and minor dressings.
• Co-ordinated and took up ANC camps every month.

April 2014- March 2015
Intern, Father Muller Homoeopathic Medical College and Hospital, Mangalore
• Received the patient, took a detailed case history with preliminary examinations, and arrived at a probable diagnosis.
• Wrote necessary investigations to confirm diagnosis and arrive at an appropriate treatment regime under the guidance of a physician.
• Monitored the vitals regularly and kept medical charts up-to-date.
• Took follow ups regularly to check the prognosis as well as to create a good rapport with the patient.
• Accompanied team of physicians during health awareness camps.
• Performed casualty procedures such as first aid in case of minor accidents.
• COMMUNITY POSTINGS: Observed procedures of labour, lithotripsy, AV fistula and laparoscopy.
• Assisted in dressing of cancer-cervix patients, and handled dressing of squamous cell carcinoma skin, diabetic ulcers, gangrene etc.

Awards and Accomplishments
• ‘STAR DOCTOR’ for clinical and non-clinical excellence by Fortis Hospital, Bangalore in March 2018
• Featured in Deccan Herald newspaper regarding the condition and prognosis of the patients on 4th February 2017.
• Recipient of award of Excellence for the “ Employee of the year” at Sterling Multispecialty Hospital, Pune 2015
• GUINNESS WORLD RECORD recipient to set a world record of “World’s longest singing marathon by multiple singers” in 2008.
• Award for creating awareness and assisting in social service towards the care of elderly by Help Age India in 2004 &2006.
• Award for performing social service activity for the eradication of leprosy by Hind Kusht Nivaran Sangh in 2002.
Teaching experience
• Father Muller Homoeopathic Medical College, Mangalore:
o Seminars as well as presentations on case studies with discussions.
• Father Muller College of Allied Health Sciences, Mangalore:
o Gave lectures to the physiotherapy students on Hospital Acquired Infections, their role in preventing HAI.
o Presentations to postgraduates on Pricing in Healthcare, ethical considerations with setting up blood banks, circular flow of economy, planning and design considerations of hospitals, biomedical waste management, organizational climate, job evaluation, maintenance and safety, biomedical equipment etc.

1. Statistical analysis of various constitutions based on salivary hemagglutinins.
o Examined the correlation between the genetic variation and the constitutional tendency by the analysis of different constitutions who are grouped as secretors and non-secretors based on their ability to secrete the agglutinins in their body fluids.
2. A study on doctors’ perception on application and importance of Artificial Intelligence (AI) in healthcare in a selected tertiary care hospital.
o Doctors had a good familiarity towards AI and understood its useful applications in the medical field. A majority of the surveyed respondents disagreed with projections that AI would replace them in medical jobs. This discrepancy is attributable in part to attitudes and in part to the lack of in-depth awareness about AI’s huge capacity to improve a physician’s diagnostic efficiency.

3. Contributed in the audit of CSSD, in order to improve the receiving procedure of unsterile items from various user departments.
4. Minor studies:
• Medical audit of in-patients’ medical records in a selected tertiary care hospital.
• A study on OPD turn-around time of a selected hospital.
• Prescription audit of in-patients’ medication chart in a tertiary care hospital.

1. ‘Applications and importance of Artificial Intelligence in healthcare’ e-paper, International virtual conference organised by JSS college of Nursing, Mysuru in collaboration with Rajiv Gandhi University of Health Sciences, Bengaluru, Aug 2021.
2. ‘Prevention and Management of Diabetes Mellitus with diet’ in a regional Konkani magazine “Valchi Zer” in Sep 2015.
3. ‘Homoeopathy’ in a regional Konkani magazine “Kristhos” in April 2015.

Training obtained
• Certified course on “HR Management and Practices in health care” by CAHO, April 2021.
• Workshop on “NABH 5th edition” held in Father Muller College of Allied Health Sciences, Mar 2021.
• Certified course on “Health Worker Safety- A priority for patient safety” by National Service Scheme, Department of Hospital Administration, Yenepoya, Sept 2020.
• Certified course on “Healthcare evolution and changing roles” by department of Hospital Management, Gujarat University, Sept 2020.
• Certified course on “Medical certification of Cause of Death (MCCD) in context of COVID 19” by World Health Organization (WHO), June 2020.
• Certified course on “Introduction to COVID-19, Preventive Measures at Personal Space/Home, Preventive Measures at Work, and Preventive Measures during Commute to Workplace, Profession-Specific Measures, and Additional Measures to Handle COVID-19” by TCS, May 2020.
• Certified course on “Digital marketing and Image Management” by Kanara Chamber of Commerce and Industry, Nov2019.
• Certified course in “Disaster Management and Emergency Preparedness” by Father Muller Medical College, Nov 2019.
• Certified course on “Accounting Fundamentals, IT Foundational Skills and Overview of Artificial Intelligence” under Knowledge Edge-Knockdown the Lockdown organized by TCS iON, May 2020.


• Clinical expertise in catheterization, ascitic fluid tapping, cannulization, lumbar puncture, ABG, and PAP smear

• Patient and emergency case management. Certified in BLS, ACLS and ITLS.

• Proficient in using quality tools such as cause and effect diagram, histogram, control chart etc. for analysis

• A thorough understanding on usage of lean six sigma, Kaizen, poka-yoke and Kanban

• Leadership quality- ‘president of the volunteers’ association in school

• Quick learner, eager, and diligent, with a strong written and verbal communication ability, outstanding presenting skills, time management, and a team builder

• Possess a strong understanding of both the theoretical and practical components of problem solving in hospital operations.

Extra-curricular activities
• Won several awards in dancing, elocution and singing competitions at college and inter college level.
• An orator-master of ceremony at programs organised by schools/college.
• Recognized for social service by Help Age India and Hind Kusht Nivaran Sangh.

Additional Skills
• Proficient in using Microsoft word, Excel, PowerPoint.

1. Dr. Namratha S MBA, PhD
Professor, Department of Hospital Administration
Father Muller College of Allied Health Sciences
Kankanady, Mangaluru – 575002
+91 9945130834.
2. Dr. Namrata Siddappa, BDS,PGOI, PGDHA, PGDMLE
Head- Medical Services
Manipal Hospitals, Chennai
+91 9980126202