Naresh Shetty

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Dear Sir,

It is with great interest that I am forwarding my resume for your consideration. Professional work history, demonstrate attributes would make me a valuable employee in your organisation.


Professional Profile:


v  Monitor daily operations to ensure a free flow process, and also supervise the execution of daily tasks.

v  Develop and enforce sound policies and structures for the growth of the company.

v  Create a strong workforce by developing competent individuals in the banking operations team.

v  Oversee the processing of centralized loans and other banking activities to ensure due process, accuracy and accountability are followed.


v  Create and implement long-term business plans to ensure continuity of business operations in the long run.


v  Ensure client data is protected from the public and secured against fraud by enforcing access rights and verification levels.


v  Worked as a financial adviser for customers to make a proper plans for their financial investment and future betterment purpose.


v  Giving proper knowledge about different banking products and services to customer.


v  Verify the financial status of customers by communicating with the credit-rating agencies.

v  Audit and balance report from day today.

v  Maintain open communication with management and the audit committee.

v  Verifying refunds and authorizing them for approval.

v  Conduct follow-up audits to monitor management’s interventions.


v  Engage to continuous knowledge development regarding the sector’s rules, regulations, best practices, tools, techniques, and performance standards.



Core Skills:


v Proficient with MS – Office Suite (Word/Excel).

v Software’s – Banking & Financial Company Softwares.

v Financial databases – (Bloomberg/Google Drive & Google Spread Sheet).


Naresh Shetty