Work and Educational experinces


Cyprus International University

2018/2022 Mechatronics Engineer


Alemdar Teknik

Jul/Aug 2022 Solar Engineer

Planner and organizer for solar systems of various types, such as On-grid, Of-grid, and Well Systems. I made all the necessary alculations based on the power requirement and the energy consumption demand of the customer. As the requirements of each ustomer differ from the other, the required system will deffnitely differ, so I work to give the best value for the customer based on his equirements.

3 Brothers

Feb/ Mar 2020 Lift Engineer

I did my internship as a lift engineer. I worked in the O&M section. We mainly check the lift internally, check the oil level, and check if here is any visible physical damage. Moreover, de-bugging the system by reporting the on-screen error code to the HQ, who in turn gives the instructions on the debugging steps for us apply.