Curriculum Vitae

GP eligibility letter -DHA valid till October 2023

Name :  Dr.Mohammed Mamunur Rashid Mazumder

Address: Sultanate of Oman, al sajdah, opposite Almashoor shopping center, Salalah, Dhofar, Oman

Mobile: +96892416735(OMAN)



1-       Bachelor of medicine and surgery—MBBS on September 2004

2-       Diploma in child health—DCH(UK) October 2020

3-       MRCPCH Part 2-      September 2014

4.        FCPS Part 1(Pediatrics)-January 2007


1. Graduated and worked in Bangladesh as a Pediatrics resident and postgraduate trainee for nearly 5 years 2006-2011. Following then a candidate of FCPS part 2 clinical examinee.

2. For More than 11 years, continued working as a Resident Medical Officer(RMO) in one of the renowned hospitals -Sultan Qaboos Hospital in Oman (Pediatric department with 100 beds capacity including 30 incubators, 8 beds HD and 4beds PICU).

Sultan Qaboos hospital is serving an area inhabited by nearly ¼ of the Omani population with a full capacity of 600 beds. (Pediatric department share is 100 beds are divided into 1-general pediatric pool 60 beds with 8 HD beds and 4 PICU beds  2- NICU unit: 30 incubator with 5 ventilators, 2 CPAP) 3- minor units   A- pediatric cardiology unit offering diagnosis by ECHO and follow up of the old cases  B- daycare and hematology unit

Pediatric A&E unit: run mostly by SHO and supervised by us.

A total number of doctors in the Pediatric department:  4 consultants (  2 general pediatrics, 1 pediatric cardiology,1 neonatal ) 20 specialists, and 15 RMO acting as registrar post.

Responsibilities include:

Daily responsibilities: Performing the morning round independently on the general pediatric wards (70-bed capacity) with a variety of cases ranging from common pediatric problems respiratory and gastroenteritis, also more complicated cases seen on daily basis. As we are the only secondary care hospital in our area ( neurological: convulsions, respiratory: wheezes, asthma exacerbation, pneumonia, acute problems: fever, rashes,  hematologic disorders: ITP, hemolytic anemia and musculoskeletal joint pain, arthritis).

Neonatology unit daily responsibilities: attending all the CS deliveries, doing the independent rounds in the intermediate and low dependency care doing the High dependency rounds under the  supervision of the consultant or with the consultant

Daily procedures: frequently doing cannulation, NGT insertion, and Intubation ( for difficult deliveries at delivery suite also in SCBU unit).

Doing the PICU round with the consultant.

24h on-call hospital stay duty every 4-5 days as a pediatrician covering (NICU- pediatric ward– calls from A&E) –  doing procedures (cannulation- intubation- mechanical ventilation- uvc& UAC insertion).receiving various acute cases ( convulsions, coma, shocks, asthma exacerbation, pneumonia, renal impairments, hemolytic crisis, musculoskeletal: acute pain,  various arthritis). The average patient admitted to the ward is 20, and the maximum patient has to deal with us.

NICU duties: Provide care for premature babies starting from 24wks to full term. Our SCBU expertise is mainly with conventional mechanical   ventilation and CPAP,) so frequent exposure to common neonatal problems (  prematurity problems, TTN, pneumonia, jaundice, hypoglycemia, sepsis ). Also to make a round in the maternity ward for a newborn baby, the average baby should be seen in a duty 10-15, but in the morning round more than 30neoborn baby has to see and discharge.

Running the pediatric polyclinic: At least twice a week dealing with all types of general pediatric cases respiratory, GIT: constipation, abdominal pain,  Gastroenteritis, fevers, rashes, renal: nephrotic syndrome, AGN, nocturnal enuresis,  musculoskeletal: various arthritis, nutritional deficiencies, initial management of common endocrine disorders hypothyroidism, new-onset DM, new onset JIA,  short stature, Failure to thrive. Common cardiac problems, murmur assessment )

Follow up the chronic case (CP, convulsions, various hematological disorders, following up the patient after major surgeries or chemotherapy. The average patient has to see by the RMO is 20.

Running the hematology and daycare unit  – As an RMO we have to run the daycare clinic mainly on hematology cases for regular blood transfusion, enzyme replacement therapy, and Regular IVIG therapy under the direct supervision of tertiary hospital muscat.


1. Attend the helping baby breath, neonatal resuscitation program(AAP) in Bangladesh on 2010

2. Attend the BLS course twice once in Khasab hospital and another one in SQH Salalah

3. Pediatric echocardiography basic course May 2017

4. MRCPCH clinical courses in UK 2016

5. DCH clinical course in October 2020

6. Early nutritional specialist program (ENS) -2021

Language skills

1-Bangla:     The mother  language

2- English:   PASSED OET SCORE B

3. Arabic: Intermediate

Personal Data

1-Birth date: 01/12/1979   2. Nationality: Bangladeshi         3- Age: 42y       4- Marital status: Married with 2 children

Thank you