Leanna Joe

An enthusiastic lady with a year’s experience in teaching BCom students. Looking for any research related, customer facing or back end jobs in your valuable organization.

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Work Experience

1. St. Joseph’s college, India– Facilitator (Nov2018-2019) Work includes preparation of course content, teaching the course and evaluation of assignments as part of continuous assessment. Academic Projects 1. MSc. Botany dissertation on Isolation and Identification of Plant Tissue Culture Contaminant Pseudomonas oryzihabitans SJCSHLV01 as an Anti-microbial strain. 2. MSc. Botany dissertation on plant tissue culture. 3. BSc. Botany dissertation on Antimutagenic effects of thirst quenching ethnomedicinal plant Caesalpinia sappan.

 Educational Qualifications

1. MSC in Botany from St. Joseph’s College (Autonomous), Bangalore University, India (2020- 84%)

2. Advanced diploma in Plant tissue culture (2018- First class)

3. BSC in Botany from St. Mary’s College Trichur, University of Calicut, Kerala (2018- 83%)

4. Diploma in Plant tissue culture (2017- First class)

5. HSS from AVILA CONVENT MHS school Coimbatore Tamil Nadu(2014 – 78%)

6. SS from AVILA CONVENT MHS school Coimbatore Tamil Nadu (2012 – 94%)

Extra-curricular activities

1. Gen bank Accession ID: MT507102 – for the bacterial nucleotide sequence uploaded on NCBI website.

2. Second place in paper presentation competition in an international webinar on Current Trends in Phytomedicine Research.

3. Presented a paper on Antimutagenic effects of thirst quenching ethnomedicinal plant Caesalpinia sappan in KSCST sponsored national seminar on “current trends in biotechnology” organised by St. Joseph’s college, Irinjalakuda.

4. Participated in the KSCSTE sponsored state level intercollegiate essay writing competition organised by Vimala college, Thrissur. PUBLIC

5. Participated in a presentation competition on Fight against illegal trade in wildlife conducted by St. Mary’s college, Thrissur.

6. Lead singer in church choir at Lourdes Church Trichur (2008-2021)

Professional skills

1. Good botanical identification skills, including experience using dissecting microscopes and identification keys.

2. Working knowledge as applicable to laboratory environment of o Plant tissue culture o Microbial culture o PCR o Electrophoresis o Micropipetting


1. Completed an online course on Whole Genome Sequencing of bacterial genomestools and applications offered by Technical University of Denmark.

2. Completed an online course on Bioinformatics: Homology Modeling of Protein, offered by SciWris.

3. Completed an online course on Phylogenetic Tree Analysis in Biosciences, offered by SciWris.

4. Completed an online course on Pest and disease management through organic and biocontrol methods, offered by Kerala Agricultural University.

5. Attended the digital modules of International Bioinformatics Workshop for Cancer Biomarker Discovery offered by DE LIFE6. Completed a certificate course on food and nutrition.
Software Proficiency: MS Office (Word, Excel, PowerPoint), elementary knowledge on