Qatar Arm Forces ( Al Udeid Air Academy )

HVAC Technician

– Troubleshoots, repairs, and overhauls equipment such as air compressors, pumps, air handlers, air dryers,
heat exchangers, other environmental changing devices, other mechanical equipment or electrical
pneumatic and electronic components.
– Installs, maintains, or repairs pneumatic valves, electric valves, heat transfer equipment, ventilation, and
air distribution equipment.
– Installs and replaces all types of pumps or refrigeration equipment according to prints, specifications,
diagrams, or other instructions.
– Reads gauges and instruments, and adjusts mechanisms such as valves, controls, and pumps to control
level of fluid pressure and distribution in systems.
– Operates various refrigeration recovery equipment in compliance with EPA guidelines.
– Solders with silver solder, layout, and fit piping.
– Tests malfunctioning systems and components using electrical, mechanical, digital, and pneumatic
– Maintains cooling towers, water treatment facilities, and tower distribution system.
– Prepares estimates for repairs and installation of equipment.
– Performs planned maintenance, regular servicing, and repairs to refrigeration equipment of all types,
sizes, and temperature ranges.
– Maintains records of repairs or equipment requiring future service.
-Coordinates work schedules with other departments and shops in order to keep inconvenience to a
– Provides technical direction of HVAC service workers.


Ministry of Defense and Aviation ( Kingdom of Saudi Arabia )

HVAC Technician

– Ensure that the Inspection department approves fittings, ducts, water pipes, and other accessories before the installation begins.
– Deliver all tools required for the fitting including power tools, hand tools, scaffolding, and ladder on time and in the exact numbers as mentioned in the list.
– Prepare, apply, and get approval for the HVAC shop drawings, work method statement, MEP-coordination drawing, and project specification from the head engineer.
– Coordinate installation schedule with team members and other departments working on the project.
– Monitor site activities and make sure all rules and regulations are followed. Making reports on daily
progress made at work and ensuring it reaches the superiors.
– Ensure safe construction of heating, ventilation, and air conditioning maintenance according to rules and
regulations set by the safety policy manual by the company. They will have to ensure the protection and
safety equipment is 100 per cent tried and tested for safe use.
– Arrange labor and other professionals including pipe fitter, duct fitter and assistant duct fitter. They also
act as a supervisor for the installation and maintenance project.
– Additional responsibilities include having to arrange for the safety gear and equipment they need to do
their work.
– Documentation of the Conduct Testing inspection process for a variety of tasks including the light test for
ducts, underground chilled water piping system, and hydro test.
– Attending weekly and monthly meetings held by the project manager and QC supervisor to talk about the
project updates and completion.
– Assisting the commission team during the testing, balancing, and adjusting phases of air and hydronic

Johnsons Control Hitachi Airconditioning Products Phil’s

Quality Assurance Engineer

-Handles and operates Air Conditioning Units from Water Chiller to Air Cooler up to 30 hp.
-Initiates extensive countermeasure and quality improvement of test unit to make it reliable and efficient
in running conditions.
-Operates the Psychometric Calorimeter Control Panel for testing an air conditioning unit that is for
research and development.
-Conducts electrical wiring connection, troubleshooting and repair on an air conditioning unit.
-Conducts Installation and estimates the capacity and energy efficiency of air conditioning unit to
be used inside a building.
– Testing systems and procedures to ensure they meet technical standards and creating quality and
safety documentation.
– Responsible for identifying technical issues and getting to the root of the problem, proactively
recommend solutions that’ll improve product durability and overall performance.
– Auditing systems based on ISO requirements
– Determining quality metrics for all manufacturing procedures
– Monitoring the entire production cycle and reporting on malfunctions
– Set detailed guidelines on what needs to be checked and what the quality standards are
– Update our Quality Management System (QMS) with incidents, fixes and improvements
– Determine quality metrics for all manufacturing procedures
– Monitor the entire production cycle and perform regular tests to identify potential malfunctions as
early as possible
– Inspect product materials and air-conditioning systems for defects and durability
– Identify the root of technical issues and recommend fixes
– Prepare reports on malfunctions and corrective actions (e.g. number of defective raw materials per
– Review quality documentation
– Coordinate with external quality assurance auditors and technicians to ensure legal compliance
– Work with internal teams to increase customer satisfaction by improving the quality of the products


University of Southeastern Philippines

June 2004 Bachelor of Science in Mechanical Engineering


Qatar Arm Forces

December 2018 HVAC Technician

Ministry of Defense and Aviation (Kingdom of Saudi Arabia)

December 2015 HVAC Technician

Johnsons Control Hitachi Airconditioning Products Philippines

November 2009 Quality Assurance Engineer