Acting Lead Merchandiser: Service oriented with 6-year background in merchandising including sales and marketing. Social perceptiveness and troubleshooting as well as excellent communication and time management skills. Handles tasks with accuracy and efficiency.
Al khail gate, Dubai
Passport No. L5213389 Birthday:1oth Feb 1990 Relationship: Single Nationality: Indian
Visa Status: On UAE Visa UAE Driving License No.3775785
 Results Oriented
 Service focused
 Strong decision maker
 Effective marketing
 Organizational Capacity
 Operability and Commitment
 Ability to motivate staff and maintain good relations
 Resistance to stress
 Good manners
 Innovative
2015– Present
Acting Lead Merchandiser, Almarai Emirates Company, Dubai west Depot
 Team management and coordination are one of the positive strategies of mine. Have a good experience in Acting lead merchandising and Staff handling.
 Conduct Meetings and manage more than 30 people.
 Arranging Staff Weekly Off, Managing Expenses, Arranging Financial resources, Claiming different bills according to their needs using SKELTA software.
 Prepare Daily, Weekly and Monthly Report, Raising Product Complaining form.
 Stocked and rotated products regularly, recommend selected and helped locate merchandise based on customer needs and desires. Accurately logged all daily shipping and receiving orders. Organized store by merchandise to its proper place and keeping clean and hygiene.
 Developed monthly sales planning guides and directed implementation which provides best in store.
 Determined appropriate space needs for each category and allocate space accordingly. Controlled proper inventory of stock and ordering of product.
 Recognized for resetting shelf integrity, increasing volume and space per shelf at each customer.
2013– 2015
Inventing Managing Coordinator • Halcyona Pvt Ltd • Kerala, India
 Is to notice the shipments like raw materials, semi-finished goods and finished goods in the company and allocate them in an appropriate manner and customs clearance jobs like EDI checking, Package list checking, Delivery order checking and invoice checking.
 Responsible for planning transport routes and means. Therefore, required to research the best transportation means, routes and any special requirements in the handling and care of goods under transport.
 Ensures that goods are packaged appropriately and negotiates contracts for transportation and handling.
 Responsible to obtain, prepare and check all necessary documents required to ensure that the documents meet the requirements of national customs authorities or any other regulatory body. Deals with L/C documents as well as makes payments on the exported goods.
 Hiring, training, managing job delegating & assessing performances of all shipping staff.
2007 • Higher Secondary education SNVHSS, Kerala, India
2010 • Bachelor of Science in Physics, Catholicate college Kerala, India
2011 • Diploma in Advance Computer Application
2012 •Talley ERP9, Talley academy Adoor, Kerala
 Windows Vista, Xp,2000,98
 MS Office
 Windows Excel
Activities and Interest
Travelling, Designing, Photography
1. Sakeer Nalakath Merchandiser Supervisor Almarai Emirates Company
Dubai West Depot Mobile No.0567024370
2. Sunil Thangappan Sales Supervisor
Almarai Emirates Company Dubai West Depot
Mobile No.0547579201
Financial management In-store logistics
Excellent oral and written communication skills. Highly organized
Fluent in English, Hindi & Malayalam Skilled problem solver
Team player with exceptional leadership abilities Excellent customer service


Catholicate College Pathanamthitta Kerala

2007-2010 Bachelor of Science


Almarai Emirates Company

October 2015-oct 2021 Acting Lead merchandiser