Seeking an Echocardiography Sonographer position utilizing my skills and knowledge. Hands-on experience in providing cardiac sonography and patient care services. Profound knowledge of cardiac anatomy, physiology, and hemodynamics.Performed echocardiograms on corrected and uncorrected congenital anomalies. Assisted with Transesophageal Echocardiograms, Stress Echo and Dobutamine Stress Echo exams.


Government medical college Kannur

2013-2016 Diploma


Sreechnad Speciality Hospital

Jan2020-May 2022 Senior Technician-Echocardiography

2DEchocardiography performed daily-routinely 30 above cases which covers structural heart diseases.

Valvular heart diseases and adult/paediatric congenital heart disease.
Proficient in various Echo techniques contrast echo, stress Echocardiography and assisted transesophageal echocardiography.

Have excellent knowledge about all technical maintenance of the Echocardiography unit

• Perform and analysed treadmill tests and Holter tests with ability to manage complications of any procedure. •Manages and operates equipment safely and correctly inspects and tests echo equipment is functioning safely and efficiently.

Mother and child hospital,kannur

April2019-December 2019 Echocardiography technician

•Maintains knowledge of the various methods of performing an Echocardiogram

prepared detailed preliminary echo reports for reading cardiologist

• Explained procedures to patients to reduce anxieties and increase patient cooperation

• Monitors patient’s physical condition during the course of the procedurereport patient’s change of status or emergency situations to cardiologist

Good heart clinic,kannur

November 2016-November 2018 Echocardiography Technician

Perform imaging and non imaging cardiovascular evaluations which may include exercise tolerance tests,

Electrocardiograms, 2D echocardiography • Maintain accurate patient documentation, including computerized documentation

Provides images, data analysis and patient information to the cardiologist for diagnostic interpretation

Tailored care to meet the specific needs of each patient

Koyili Hospital,kannur

February 2016-August 2016 Echocardiography Technician

Perform 2D imaging, M-Mode Doppler, Color flow studies, Tissue Doppler.
• Perform electrocardiograms, holter monitoring and exercise tolerance tests

Familer with normal vital signs, normal parameters and measurements of different chambers within the heart, outside the heart and sub-costally