Fazal Haq Shah

Contact #        +971 52 5966754



Professional Experiences


Working as a Zone Security Manager at Expo 2020 Dubai from November 2021 till Date.


§  I am responsible for development and implementation of Security Policies, Procedures and Protocols. Also, I am responsible for the staff training, daily briefing and deployment of the Security staff members.

§  I am also responsible to attend the meetings with the Site Management, Events Management, F&B Management, Safety Management, CIDs, Dubai Police and Dubai Ambulance Services, to prepare a secure plan for the visitors experience and upcoming events.

§  My duties including, checking and Confirming the readiness of other departments for the daily Expo 2020 operation.

§  As a senior, it’s my responsibility to make a better deployment as per the plan for the daily activities, Special events and emergency events.

§  As a Zone Manager at Expo, I am responsible for interacting with VIP guests and the events crew members to confirm their safety, security and wellbeing.

§  As a Zone Manager, I am responsible of the Hard sweep after the daily closing and confirming other zones as well before commencing the off-site operation in my zone.


Worked as EHS Executive in TAQ International Logistics (Pvt.) from September 2018 till March 2020.


As a Safety advisor, I was responsible to provides valuable assistance to the company in meeting its health and safety objectives. I reformed their Safety department and give some responsibilities to the other department HEADs. This worked a lot for us and we stood as the 04th best freight company of Pakistan.
I was responsible to ensure that every staff member is familiar with the principles and practice of risk assessment, hazard identification etc.
I had to ensure on daily basis, that all drivers joining the company fleet are familiar with relevant health and safety arrangements.
I regularly carried out the health and safety inspection of the truck drivers.
I was given rights to have an independent view of safety on behalf of the company, and to act within the company policy. I have created some forms, checklists and to-do lists which help the company safety process more convenient and easier to understand.
I educated the logistic staff to work safely and explain them the results of unsafe practices.
I was responsible, to monitor my area of responsibility, maintaining record of all the accidents taking place in the company operating zones. and to investigate and report those accidents on time.
Worked as a Safety and Security Team Leader (Acting Operations Manager) for Burj Khalifa from November 2009 to November2017


§  I worked as an Operations and Events Manager for Burj Khalifa, Dubai Mall and Downtown Security Operation. I have managed the most popular and important events in Downtown Dubai as an event manager. (e.g. New Year Events, Mission Impossible 4 shooting, Musical Nights in Burj Park).

§  I also worked as a Security Administrator for the Burj Khalifa Security and Protocol Department as well before getting promotion as a Security Operations Manager.

§  We provided support to Emaar Hospitality Group and Emaar Malls & Entertainment group in all security aspects and provided them trainings, direction, Control, gaudiness and leadership over all security staff and security staff as directed by the security management team.

§  I have led the security team for 08 years. we had developed a program to ensure that Burj Khalifa meets statutory requirements and provides a safe and healthy environment to the Residents, Resident’s Guests, ATT Visitors and staff members.

§  I also worked as a champion of Security and HSE throughout the organisation in Fire Drills.

I have also led the HSE Inspectors and security supervisors to train, Manage, Direct and assign tasks to the security staff members.




§  I worked on Coordinating and implementing site security operations and activities through Subordinate team leaders and supervisors, to ensure the continued protection and preservation of the security and safety of residents, guests, visitors and staff members.

§  I was responsible to establish security and HSE systems, relevant to our business strategies and develop specific Security & Safety policies and procedures.

§  Where necessary we commenced investigation at the request of the senior security Management. And coordinated with local authorities when required.

§  I also did monitor duties of the control room staff which is encompass knowledge and accountability of the crisis management program and all reporting process.

§  I was responsible for liaising with police, civil defence and medical services in case we need them.

§  I was also responsible to ensure that the policies, procedures and practices are being followed by the security team and updated to the management team when necessary.

§  I was also responsible of reviewing and screening of all the reports prior to central collation and onward reporting administration.

§  I was also responsible for monitoring and managing the Key and Access control system operation and for changing / updating necessary policies and procedures of Security Operations.


Worked as a Traffic and Logistics Supervisor at the Dubai Mall


§  I was responsible for training, checking and educating the Security team to establish the Customer Parking and Traffic rules and regulation as per the Dubai Mall Management, Dubai Municipality and RTA.

§  The Dubai Mall Management Team were providing us the Events database, and we were responsible for arranging and assigning the nearest parking for the invited guests where applicable.

§  I was responsible that The Mall rules and regulations are being briefed to the security team members in their daily briefing and a hard copy is kept for reference.

§  I was also responsible to make sure that the Security team members are following their Patrolling procedure and enforcing the rules and regulations by patrolling the Mall Parking areas.


Worked as a Security Supervisor in G4S Securicor security Company from June 2008 to November 2009


·          I was responsible of Patrolling, securing and monitoring the premises.

·          Responsible of checking and Monitoring CCTV & Parking systems and ensuring that both systems are working properly.

·          Responding to the accidents and incidents on site. Responsible of Safety and Security Assessments before and after the mall operations starts.


Short Courses:
DPS (Security Manager) Course from Dubai Police Academy in January 2011.
Loss prevention Training from ASSI (Australian School of Security & Investigation) in October 2011
Managing Safely Training Course from Eurolink Institute Training Dubai, UAE.
Fire Fighting training from Pakistan Tobacco Company (British American Group) Pakistan.
Basic Security Training from G4S Securicor Security Company, Abu Dhabi, UAE.
DPS (Security Guard) course from Dubai Police Academy (Security & Administrative Institute).
Guest Courtesy / Customer Services Training from Emaar Hospitality Group, Dubai, UAE.
Access control system, Fire Alarms control panel operations & BMS operator (Lighting) Course from JOHNSON CONTROLS INTERNATIONAL Burj Khalifa, Dubai UAE.
Self Defense, Searching and Fire Fighting course from Dubai Police Academy, Dubai. UAE.
Basic First Aid, CPR and AED training from American training institute in Burj Khalifa. Dubai. UAE.
VMS, ANPR, Security systems, Access control and UVSS training from JCI at Burj Khalifa, Dubai. UAE.
Z-Portal (Vehicle Scanner) Training from AS&E (American Science & Engineering) in Burj Khalifa.
Perspective (Incident Reporting) system training from PPM 2000 in Burj Khalifa.
Sabre 4000 (Sniffer Machine) Training from Burj Khalifa, Dubai. UAE.
Emergency First aid training from Dubai Corporation for Ambulance Services in November 2015.
CCTV training from Dubai Police Academy in March 2013.
Ambitious and Energetic.
Capability of communicating with multinational customers in a very effective way.
Ability to work long hours.
Proven track record of handling major customers successfully.
Alert, Dependable & Quick.
Ability to work as a senior security supervisor and the Events security manager.
Computer Knowledge:
§  Good command over MS Office.

§  Frequently run window XP and Vista.

§  Having good touch with Key Board.


Academic Qualification:
Bachelors in Business Administration, Completed in 2015 from Albedo School of Business Management Dubai, United Arab Emirates.


Driving License:
LTV Driving License from Dubai Driving School Dubai UAE


Rewards and Awards:
§  Star Guard of the Month Award from G4S Management in February 2009.

Certificate of appreciation from the Burj Khalifa Security Management on the inauguration of Burj Khalifa and At the Top Operation.
Letter of commendation from the Director of Security and General Manager of Burj Khalifa for New Year Events Management.
Promoted from Assistant team leader to the Security team leader in Burj Khalifa.
Appreciation litter from the MI4 (Mission impossible 4) in Burj Khalifa.
Appreciation litter from the Emaar Management for the New Year Events.
Personal Details:
Nationality:                        Pakistani

Marital Status:                  Married

Sex:                                       Male

Date of Birth:                    24 March 1983

Religion:                              Islam

Passport number:           FV 5144902

Hobbies/Interests:          Listening Music, Playing Cricket, reading books, Magazines and chatting on Internet.


Languages Known:
Urdu / Hindi
Reference will be furnished upon request.


I confirm that the above mention information is true and accurate in the event of being given an opportunity.


Fazal Haq shah


Albedo School of Business Management

March 2013/June 2015 Bachelors


Expo 2020 Dubai

November 2021/ March 2022 Zone Security Manager

TAQ Freight & Logistics

September 2018 / March 2020 Safety Executive

Emaar Properties PJSC (Burj Khalifa)

November 2009 / November 2017 Safety & Security Team Leader (Acting Security Operations Manager)