I am Fatimashana sencio, I was based in Doha, Qatar for 7 years. I was working in a hospital environment. My previous company was Turkish hospital for 4 years. I worked as a medical secretary since my company noticed that i have a potencial in dealing with the insurances, patients and doctors they changed my job description into medical and insurance coordinator since then I was able to enhance my knowledge and skills in coordinating with any types of obstacles to be able to achieve my task. and i also work as clerk dietitian office in hamad hospital for 3 yrs, my main task was to check and update any changes of diets of the patient and coordinate with the doctors, dieticians, catering services and patients.everyday i have to interviewed each patients regarding any request on their diets.i also worked as a assistant nurse in my country for 2 years and 1 year in a bpo company as a customer service which deals with usa account such as amazon. My strength as a person is that I don’t quit till I reach my targets and untill I don’t find a solution to any problems. My weakness is that I am pushing myself to the limits till I don’t see any positive outcome which results from overfatigue.

Kindly check the attachment of my CV.


Best Regards.
Ms. Fatimashana Sencio



St. Augustine School of Nursing

2011-2012 Diploma in Nursing Assistant


Turkish Hospital

2017-2021 Medical secretary Insurance coordinator