An experienced and learned individual in the field of science, technology, and research. Thrives in environments that would allow her growth potential to be higher than expected. Dynamic and a team player. She believes in the utmost leadership, excellence in work, and integrity in all the work that has to be done.

E-mail Address:

Mobile number: +971582439205

Residence: Deira, Dubai, UAE

Birthdate: 03/23/1999

EMPLOYMENT DETAILS (related to the job listed)

November 2020 – September 2021
Life Square Laboratories, Inc.
QC Microbiologist
– Microbiological testing of Raw materials / In-process / Finished pharmaceutical products: Pour Plate and Petrifilm
– Plate Reading or Results Interpretation of the different Microbiological Analyses
– Conducts Environmental Monitoring of Production Area: Plate Exposure Method
– Conducts Personnel Hygiene Monitoring: Swab Test
– Water Conductivity and pH Monitoring inside the Production Area; Water Sampling and Analysis
– Supervises Water System Operation
– Conducts swab testing on operating machines to ensure safety and to produce quality products