Dr.Dalia Abdulfattah Alhaj Ahmed
B.D.S, MSc public health, hospital management specialty and TQM

Curriculum Vitae (CV)

Personal Data:
Name: Dalia Abdulfattah Alhaj Ahmed
Gender: Female.
Date of birth: 30-3-1984
Marital status: Married.
Nationality: Sudanese
Home address: Dubai Trade center 1
Phone number: 0562618900
Language:  Arabic: Native speaker.
English: profession written and            spoken.

§  To secure a challenging position in a reputable organization to expand my learnings, knowledge and skills.
§  Secure a responsible career opportunity to fully utilize my training and skills, while making a significant contribution to success of the company.
§  To foster an environment that can provide necessary and quality health care at maximum profit.


§  1987-2001:
Primary, Secondary and High school in Al Fahad school KSA.
§  2002-2007:
University of Medical Science and Technology Khartoum, Sudan.

Qualifications :
§  B.D.S University of Medical Science and Technology 2007.
§  Permanent registration (SMC) 2010.
§  Part 1 Dental Public Health Sudan Medical Specialization board (SMSB) 2015.

§  M.Sc public health (Hospital Management, TQM) 2020.

A) Working Experience:
COVID 19 call center representative (20/2/2019-16/01/2021)

§  Answer provider calls and assist them with any COVID 19 related questions or concerns.
§  Mis correct any false information that the callers may have.
§  Refer the callers to the nearest available working health center or hospital that could manage their complaint.
§  liaise with health professionals and mobilize them to reach COVID suspects at home to take samples and test them in the assigned hospitals.
§  Report back to the callers regarding their test samples.
§  Establish a good working relationship with health centers, hospitals and other key accounts to help maintain a strong rapport and service levels.
§  Cooperate with coworkers and management while working towards department goals.
B)    Clinical experience:
1 year in al Ferdous medical center as a dentist and Dental Office Manager (6.4.2012-7.2.2013)
Supervise the business in the aspects of a dental practice such as budgets, billing, salaries and expenses.  Also supervise dental support staff.
Work with patients, assisting them with billing, and advising them on insurance and treatment plans.
§  2 years in dental clinical department in Khartoum North Teaching Hospital as a dentist (30.5.2010 – 30.7.2012).
§  1 month in pedodontic department in Ribat University as a house officer, Khartoum Sudan (1.3.2010 – 31.3.2010).
§  2 months in Conservative department in Ribat University as a house officer, Khartoum, Sudan (1.1.2010 – 28.2.2010).
§  1 month in Prosthesis department in Khartoum Dental Teaching Hospital as house-officer, Khartoum, Sudan (1.12.2009 – 31.12.2009).
§  1 month in Dental Public Health      department in Omdorman Millitary Hospital as a house-officer, Khartoum, Sudan (1.11.2009 – 30.11.2009).
§  2 months in Periodontology department in Ribat University as a house-officer, Khartoum, Sudan (1.9.2009 – 31.10.2009)
§  4 months in oral and maxillo facial surgery department in Ribat University as a house-officer, Khartoum, Sudan (1.4.2009 – 30.8.2009).

C) Teaching Experience:
§  Participate in presentation, seminars and field trips during Public health program.
§  Health promotion using deferent behavioral changes theories.

D) I attend:
§  Clinical attachment at Cardiff University London
November 2006
§  Field trips to different regions in Sudan providing mobile oral health education and services (2004 – 2007).
E) Skills:

Critical Thinking.
Problem Solving.
Quality assurance and control
Public Speaking.
Customer service skills.
Teamwork skills.
Time management.
Continuous improvement.

-University of medical science and technology. Khartoum, Sudan +249-223385 – 224162
-Khartoum North Teaching Hospital, Khartoum, Sudan +249-85 330021