Purchase of foreign currency and convert to or any other currency at

prevailing exchange rate.

➢ Sending money in different countries.

➢ Responsible for cash counting at the branch.

➢ Cash balancing and bundling.

➢ Maintain quality Customer Service.

➢ Adhere to AML/CFT policy under the Central Bank guidelines.

➢ Verify voucher in the system and generate cash receipt voucher.

➢ Accept cash for salary deposits by WPS customer.

➢ Sending and receiving through Western Union.

➢ Make payments for cash payout (DAHABSHILL PAYOUT).


Gensantos Foundation College Inc

April 2010 to May 4 2014 Bachelor of Science in Business Administration major in Human Resource management


Al Dahab Exchange

May 9, 2018 up to present Teller