Job Description

•You will report to duty as per schedule informed by the Security Manager, which may include working extended hours, night times, holidays, or any other times necessary as dictated by operational requirements. You shall be prepared to report for duty at any time over a 24-hour basis to meet any emergencies that may arise or as instructed by the Security Manager and or the Management.
•Ensure that all assigned properties are properly covered by the designated number of security staff at proper times as fixed by the monthly roster.

•Regularly check the CCTV Footage to ensure that security staff is carrying out assigned patrolling duties in the respective properties.
•Respond to any emergency situation in any property, at any time without delay.
•To comply with all policies and procedures as laid down by the Company in all matters and to conduct yourself in a dignified and exemplary manner at all times.
•To carry out any other instruction or directions which may be issued from time to time and to carry out any additional responsibilities as instructed by the Security Manager or the Group Management.
•Supervise to ensure that all security related equipment such as CCTV systems; ANPR systems, radios, pagers, telephones, torches, and any other equipment are used and maintained properly.
•Supervisor to ensure that all fire-fighting equipment, fire detection systems, and related fire safety systems are maintained in a proper manner and that all security staff assigned to properties are familiar with systems and equipment. Regularly supervise, rehearse all security staff in emergency procedures as laid down for respective properties.
•Ensure that all fire exit stairways, doors, and other exits are kept clear of all obstructions.
•Supervise to ensure that all security staff is familiar with emergency measures established for respective properties.
•Ensure that such assigned security staff are carrying out their duties as per the job description issued to them. Regularly visit all properties to ensure that this is being done or take corrective measures and or report any defaulters to Security Manager.
•Every morning review all security-related incidents from all assigned properties and carry out corrective action where necessary. Keep Security Manager informed of same.
•Supervise and support security guards in handling complex problems, prepare duty rosters, supervise punching of time cards, timespan system, check overtime and attendance records, check gate passes/furniture control forms and procedures, key requisition forms, and related procedures in controlling keys. Supervise Master Key Control procedures.
•Prepare and issue ID cards for staff where necessary and ensure same is collected from terminated employees
•Ensure that security staff follows the laid down visitor control procedures to prevent undesirable visitors and immoral activities.
•To attend to all routine dealings with the local police authorities pertaining to tenants, guests, visitors, and or staff.
•Maintain a cordial and harmonious working relationship with your colleagues, subordinates, respective Department Heads and staff from all other Departments of GSHA, Arenco Real Estate, and Group Corporate Office.
•Ensure that all staff follows the policies and procedures established by the Group Management

Desired Candidate Profile

•At least 05 YEAR Experience in the security field
•DPS (SIRA) Certified and the Security Supervisor license holder
•Must have UAE driving License Holder

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