Job Description
Read specifications and perform pre-planning of job (Sequence of job, availability of qualified manpower, availability of WPS’s, availability of welding, preheating and PWHT equipment including chart recorders and temperature indicators, back-purging requirements and plan as applicable, estimation of welding consumables).
Develop & review project risk analysis.
Develop and review Fabrication plan / build strategies including suitability of work and environmental conditions (ergonomic and access to weld, wind protection requirements, temperature, rain) in order to formalize the optimum utilization of yard equipment and resources.
Before start the job, ensure suitability and validity of welders’ and welding operators’ qualification certificates, suitability of WPS essential parameters range, verify identity of parent material, welding consumables, and proper working and environmental conditions are established.
Review Dimension Control / Fit up inspections reports and guide the team for necessary proceedings to give the best fit for welding.
During the welding ensure essential welding parameters (e.g. welding current, arc voltage and travel speed), preheating / interpass temperature, back gouging, are communicated to Welders and strictly followed as defined in applicable WPS. Also, cleaning and shape of runs and layers of weld metal, welding sequence and control of distortion, correct use and handling of welding consumables, any intermediate examination (e.g. checking dimensions) shall be implemented.
Ensure PWHT is performed according to approved Heat Treatment Procedure Specification (HTPS). NDT before and after PWHT shall be completed as defined in applicable Standards, Procedures, Project Specifications and/or ITP.
Implement traceability systems (WPS, welders, date welded, consumables) as per project requirements.
Attend training for any activity required by the department.
Ensure that welding supervision are fully conversant with the Inspection and Test Plan (ITP), Welding Traceability requirements, Welding consumable handling procedure and equipment in use are validated.
Welding coordination tasks allocated to welding supervisor are defined in DDWD ISO 3834- 2 Manual, Annex 1.
Develop detailed project completion program with manpower loading.
Co-ordination of work progress with Project Manager, Owners representatives, Other trades and within the department.
Develop / review manpower request and target report prepared by Foreman / Sr. Foreman
Follow and report work progress. Provide work done reports, descriptions and field reports to Invoicers / Estimators.
Liaise with department planning section for Productivity measurements as applicable.
Maintain Project file up-to-date as directed with all supporting documents.
Proactive participation in identifying errors and effective reporting through NCIR system
Train, motivate, appraise and provide feedback on training requirements to uplift the skill of subordinates

Desired Candidate Profile
Diploma / Degree in Engineering
Basic knowledge of NDE / NDT techniques.
Thorough knowledge in various types of welding and brazing processes.
Basic knowledge of ferrous and non-ferrous materials.
Knowledge and understanding of stress relieving processes.
Minimum International Welding Specialist (IWS) certificate according to ISO14731 or any other equivalent qualifications or DDW Welding Supervisor internal training.
Familiar with International Welding, Offshore Fabrication and Shipbuilding Standards (AWS D1.1, ASME VIII, ASME IX, ISO 15614, ISO 9606, ISO 3834-2, EN 1090, IACS Rec.47, DNVGL-OS-C401, EEMUA 158…).
Thorough knowledge of welding consumables designation systems, estimation, ordering, consumption follow up, handling, utilization and control.

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