Operations Manager of MBRSC Studio and Editing Facility The American University in Dubai invites qualified applicants to apply for the position of Operations Manager of MBRSC Studio and Editing Facility. The fundamental responsibility of this position is to advise faculty at the Mohammed Bin Rashid School for Communication at the American University in Dubai on the technical aspects of all audiovisual school productions and to co-teach technical classes. Principle Responsibilities:
• Preparing material and instructing the technical classes of COMM 230 (Editing and Sound), COMM 243 (Intro to Production for Journalism), and JOUR 324 (Broadcast Journalism) classes;
• Giving workshops as needed on sound, light, camera, editing and other technical matters;
• Advising and mentoring the students in their production and post-production projects;
• Keeping current on technological developments and related skills in the discipline;
• Supervising the handling and workflow involving the editing facility;
• Contributing to the continuous upgrade and expansion of the editing facility and recommending the acquisition of equipment and software for the school;
• Contributing to creating content for the School’s marketing and promotion.
• Attending faculty and staff meetings;
• Participating in committees at the MBRSC school and AUD;
• Attending orientation and professional development workshops as requested and approved;
• Understanding the purpose and goals of the University and espousing them in the performance of their responsibilities;
• Serving as an AUD Ambassador by developing relations with industry personnel and colleagues in educational institutions to promote the institution. Competencies and Skills Used:
• Ability to lead and guide students in a learning environment enabling them to produce creative work;
• Excellent interpersonal and communication skills;
• Demonstrated ability to work independently and take initiative;
• Demonstrated ability to give attention to details;
• Demonstrated experience in building and facilitating teams;
• Demonstrated ability and experience in successfully advising students;
• Demonstrated ability and experience in prioritizing responsibilities, duties, and projects;
• Ability to be flexible;
• Ability to follow-through. Essential Qualifications:
• Relevant academic background
• Strong evidence of technical knowledge in the discipline (camera, lighting, sound, editing).
• Fluent in English, reading & writing
• Skills in editing software and applications: Avid Media Composer, Adobe Premiere, Protools, Photoshop, etc.
• Experience in sound design, recording, editing, and problem-solving
• Strong professional references Desired Additional Qualifications:

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