Most Important Job Interview Questions and Answers.

Today, I’d love to take a couple of minutes explaining job interview questions and answers. We will see how to face job interviews as well. I think this article and video are very helpful before facing your job interview. 

Job Interview Questions and Answers.

Bank Manager: Good afternoon you must be this Mr.Peter.

Peter: Yes, good afternoon.

Bank Manager: Pleased to meet you. I Miss.Tracy. the bank manager. Please have a seat.

Peter: Thank you.

Bank Manager: So, Tell me a little bit about yourself, Mr. Peter.

Peter: Well, I grew up in China and studied accounting and then I worked at an accounting firm there for 2 years before coming to the states. I work well with others and I like to challenge myself to constantly improve my skills.

Bank Manager: That’s great, as you know this job is for a bank teller. What would you say are some of your strengths or skills that might help you succeed in this job.

Peter: My biggest strength is my attention to detail. That has helped me a lot in this line of work. Also, I work well under pressure.

Bank Manager: Wonderful and what would you say are some of the weaknesses?

Peter: One of my biggest weaknesses is asking for help when I needed. I’d like to do better at that.

Bank Manager: I appreciate your honesty, Mr. Peter. What can you tell me about some of your goals over the next few years?

Peter: My primary goal is to gain more work experience so a position like this will help me tackle it. I’d also like to learn more about the different aspects of banking.

Bank Manager: I think the schools are very smart. I also want to ask you, What salary range you’d be most comfortable with.

Peter: I would be hoping to start somewhere between 35000 and $38000 a year. Which is based on my experience and education.

Bank Manager: Thank you those are all the questions I have for you today. Do you have any questions for me?

Peter: Can you tell me about the working hours?

Bank Manager: Would like whoever fills the position to work 95 each weekday. there may be some occasional overtime.

Peter: All right, thank you and when you expect to be making your decision.

Bank Manager: We’ll give you a call within a week and let you know. Do you have any other questions?

Peter: Not at the moment. Thank you.

Bank Manager: Well if you think of any more you’re always welcome to call me too.

Peter: Thank you so much.

Bank Manager: It was great to meet you. Thanks for coming in today.

Peter: Thank you. It was a pleasure meeting you as well.

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